Unicorp Space receives $ 5B in fresh funding, cementing space unicorn status

Unicorp Space launches its valuation to $17B with $5B in new funding

Unicorp Space today announced that it has received $5 billion in new investment.
Unicorp Space said the financing round was led by undisclosed Dubai Investment and closed…

Oasis another concept of Ready Player One develop by Unicorp Space

A lot.

We are extremely grateful to the individuals behind every project especially to the engineering team and scientist lead by Dr Mike Adam. They are tireless in finding a way to accomplish the timeline/schedule of Uninet new internet LazyPi protocol development. They are unsung heroes and they deserve all…


British aerospace company has finally started its business activities for designing the new rocket engine and communication satellite this month.The newly established aerospace company operates in a prime location in London.

We differentiate our company from those existing in the market by providing space internet that are cost effective, while…

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